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Here’s a #poem I wrote dedicated to those creators who never made it during their own lifetime. You expressions are the most honest, pure, and genuine. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She had her heart beating in her chest
And the world spinning in the palm of her hand

68 years before
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Knew how to play it fair
With a boldface lie

39 years before
The dawn of civil rights

A humdinger
Cheshire cat

Yes, Ms. Pink Panther
Wanted to wear knickers outside her pants

She knew her rhythm and blues
As she brewed spicy soul food

When music was stiff
She felt a groove
Her friends talked behind her back
But turned an ear when the coast was clear
Because they loved the way her thoughts would choose..

Yes, Mrs. Black had a knack
For being born too soon

She loved Coco Chanel’s
Masculine lines because they defined
Her quick mind

Felt strong and compelled
Ready to give hell
Long before women could say
Hmm..think I’ll run for president today.

The universe yanked her back
So she could help the tide
Her insight
Her visions
Were more than just figments
Made us spin to the left to share with the right
Helping our minds see what we couldn’t see
Know what we didn’t know
And be what we couldn’t be

She roared a mad laugh
And lived in misery
To only see what doesn’t exist
And never get what does
Is a mental prison
Mrs. Black desperately needed to leave her head

A walking guillotine is what she wished
Bliss instead of an unjust destiny

The Universe would save her every time
Since being born too soon is something divine.
Welcome Home.☺
Yashi Brown ©2010. #streetperformers #musicians #artists #painters #writers

Don’t worry about perfection, you can always outdo that. “Evil Girl” #poem :-) Miss 5 glided
across the earth
with mystique and
confident air every
head turned
but miss 10 
held the glare.
She immediately
reduced her to a -5,
but such perfect
imperfection is
always infinite
in disguise. ~ Yashi Brown ©2010 #poetry #yashibrown #poems #write. {Rachael Hoo Artwork }

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